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Copyright Administration
for Songwriters​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At Jubilate Hymns, we are passionate supporters of local church songwriters.

We believe the church is enriched and God is glorified when the widest diversity of voices contribute to the song. 

Our new ChurchSongs platform already manages our Jubilate and Resound Worship catalogues, and we are now extending access to local church songwriters via our ChurchSongs.co.uk administration catalogue.

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Who is ChurchSongs for?

ChurchSongs is best suited for songs that are being regularly used in church worship services.

We don’t have strict rules about how many churches or how many times, but if works aren’t in use, there’s no need to do any publishing admin.

What does ChurchSongs do?

We take the complexity out of allowing your songs to be used.

Registering your songs

We register songs with collection agencies like CCLI and OneLicense - allowing churches and schools to use your songs legally by reporting their usage.

Handling licensing enquiries

If someone wishes to use your song at a wedding or funeral, on a recording, or in a printed book, we will handle all the necessary formailties for you.

Collecting & paying royalties

Twice yearly we will pay you any royalties earned* by your songs, and give you a breakdown of where the income was generated.

*(subject to a minimum payment of £20)

We are also happy to offer advice to our writers about other aspects of producing worship songs.

What doesn't ChurchSongs do?

This is an administrative service, not a creative or promotional service.

We don’t:

  • make recordings or videos
  • produce scores and resources
  • undertake marketing or promotional activity

for ​​​​​​​songs in our administration catalogue.

However, we do encourage you to do so, and will link to your resources on the ChurchSongs.co.uk website

How much does it cost?​​​​​​​

We charge an up-front administrative fee of £60 (inc VAT) for new writers. That amount is credited to your account, and we don’t take any commission until your catalogue with us has earned over £300.

After £300, we take a 20% commission on royalties earned by works in our administration catalogue.

If you are an established writer and your catalogue already earns over £300/year, we will waive the administration fee if you transfer your works to ChurchSongs.


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